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Session 1: US Militarization of Indian Country
We are excited to introduce our newest LANDBACK U Module on US Militarism & Imperialism​. Join us for the first session of this module on US Militarization of Indian Country featuring panelists, Jen Marley of The Red Nation, Krystal Two Bulls, LANDBACK Director, and Demetrius Johnson, LANDBACK Organizer. This session will also offer live American Sign Language interpretation.

Session 1 will focus on the US Militarization of Indian Country​ and launch our 5th LANDBACK University Module, with the goal of contextualizing the early formation of the US Military through the Indian Wars and the lasting imprints of Militarization on Indian Country. Towards the end of the Session, we will draw out how this legacy connects to the US War Machine toda.. This Module will span 3 Sessions through the end of August.


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