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Session 3: US Militarism, Imperialism & Occupied Island Nations
Welcome to our 5th LANDBACK U Module on US Militarism & Imperialism.

Please join us for Session 3, which will focus on US Militarism & Imperialism on the Occupied Island Nations of Boriquén (Puerto Rico), Guåhan (Guam) and the Hawaiian Kingdom. This Session will feature four powerful community organizers from each context, diving deeper into the entrenchment of US Militarism and the ongoing community work to fight back and build towards a liberated future.

Session 3 will feature panelists, Monaeka "Naek" Flores, core member of Prutehi Liteyan: Save Ritidian and Independent Guåhan, Fanai Castro, a Native daughter of Guåhan with roots in the north, central, and southern parts of the island and a focus of "Return the People to the Land", Monisha Ríos Founder & Director of Centro Solidario de Puerto Rico (Solidarity Center of Puerto Rico), and leilani portillo, Nā Pua Kūʻē–Hawaiʻi Dissenters organizer.

This session is co-sponsored by Dissenters, Centro Solidario de Puerto Rico, Prutehi Liteyan: Save Ritidian and Independent Guåhan, and NDN Collective. This session will also offer live American Sign Language interpretation


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